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The Spitfire - Christi Caldwell

Date Read: Aug 19, 2019

Review: I just finished reading The Spitfire, and it was fantastic. You'll know the heroine already as Clara Winters was a featured character in The Governess. In The Spitfire she gets to shine on her own. Clara, as you may recall, was opening a song hall (The Muses) with Reggie Spark. Their dream is almost fully realized - The Muses is almost open.

There were a couple of times where I was a little worried about the HEA - first with the violence Clara perpetrates on Henry when she receives notice that he's responsible for ruining something and then where Henry does something horrible to Clara (to help his recluse sister Lila by ensuring passage of the bill for a country-wide Police Force) that I was honestly a wondering where the "line" was in my own estimation - where could the hero or heroine go from there to make me root for them? But as usual, Christi Caldwell more than pulled it off. Clara is a very strong woman. Henry is a lovely beta-hero, who is noble and strong in his own right.

The heat index between the two was off the chart. They're combustible together. Ermergerd! ::fans self:: Good going, Henry. Lovely HEA after all is said and done, as well. Well worth the ride. Buy the book.

Series: Wicked Wallflowers #5

Type: Regency

Heat: 9/10

Tropes: Strong Heroine, Beta Hero, Nightingale Effect

Premise: In this book, Clara finds a gentleman, broken and bloodied, and about to be dead in the gutter in St. Giles. She rescues him from his attackers and nurses him back to health. She just couldn't leave him to die. Who is he? Eventually, she finds out he's the Earl of Waterson - Henry March. Henry is a bit of a prig/stuffed shirt who does everything by the book. Now imagine his suprise when he not only accepts that he was nearly killed, and then rescued by this woman, who he's fallen for,.. but that he's willing to upend his perfectly ordered world to keep her. Henry will do anything to protect his family - especially after what happened to his sister Lila at the Peterloo Massacre.

The Good: There was a nice surprise toward the end.

The Bad: Me wondering where "the line" was in relation to rooting for a couple.

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