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Any Rogue Will Do - Bethany Bennett

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Date Read: November 15, 2020

Review: This is a stunningly perfect debut novel. It was smart, sexy, and laugh out loud in parts. The pacing was on point and the secondary characters were fully fleshed out and had their own lives. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Bennett. Also, it was sooo hot. Did I mention that? Loved Lottie and her plan but I loved Ethan making up for the past even more. He's a huge gruff Scot, but with a heart of gold. He takes care of the tenants on his land and friends too. He's a bit haunted by demons of the past when he did stupid things that caused hurt to others but he proves himself a worthy, good man to Lottie. Lottie's father, the Earl... grrrrrr. Montague... GRRRRR. Agatha, her godmother, is divine and so are Cal and his young protege. The masquerade balcony scene? I would have been a twitching puddle on the floor after collapsing. Just read the book, you'll love it!

Series: Misfits of Mayfair #1

Type: Regency

Heat: 8.5/10

Tropes: Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers, Plus-Size & Strong Heroine, Fake Engagement, Kidnapping.

Premise: Lady Charlotte (aka "Lottie") Whitworth plans on becoming a spinster living in her own house by the sea. She's been the laughingstock of London/Paper Doll Princess with "nothing to offer" since she was humiliated by Ethan "MacBrute" Ridley (Viscount Amesbury) after her come out. Her father demands she marry, in particular Lord Montague a dashing rake she has no interest in. She decides to pick a husband who will pretty much be in name only. She'll pay the bills as long as he stays in London while she has her own home. Once Ethan realizes the woman in front of him is Lottie, he decides he needs to apologize and make up for the past when he humiliated her due to pride and too much alcohol. She's not exactly receptive to start... but he doesn't give up.

The Good: Boom, we start right in the action with a carriage accident and Lottie saves herself and others. I like how even though the gossip sheets make fun of her size at times, Ethan never "sees" that. Loved how she repeatedly rescues herself. Sure, Ethan is immediately there for her, but she never has to be saved by him.

The Bad: Not sure there was anything "bad" here.

**I was given an ARC in order to write this unbiased review.**

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