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This site is pretty new and I'm still building it. But eventually you'll be able to see all of the following:

  • Book Reviews

  • Travel Reviews

  • Books I've written


Claudine Gandolfi lives with her boyfriend in Westchester County, NY. As Director of Sales for a gift book publisher she's always working but the upside is she gets to travel the world. She's written a few books on Celtic mythology and some children’s activity titles on dragons and Vikings.


Claudine is currently working on her first Historical Romance—which is set in Nice, France in 1883. She intends a series based on strong women and their Cinnamon Roll heroes.  She’s a firm believer in the HEA — Happily Everyone After; and is the current President of the Historical Romance RWA chapter — Hearts Through History.

Claudine holds a B.A. in English Literature/Communications (double major) with a Minor in European History, as well as an M.A. in Medieval Studies from Fordham University. 

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