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Ridiculous! - D.L. Carter

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Date Read: Oct 14, 2012

Review: This romp was a complete hoot. Millicent was brilliant in her many roles and Shoffer the perfect Duke. Would have liked to have known Lady Beth's reaction at the reveal but very well done and fun to read.

Series: Ridiculous Lovers Book #1

Type: Regency

Heat: 7/10

Tropes: Mistaken Identity, Gender Bending, Strong Heroine, Dukes

Premise: Brilliant, young Millicent fakes being her dead male cousin - Mr. North - in order to keep her entailed home. She plans to stay a man because she loves the autonomy, but then she helps rescue an overturned carriage and meets the Duke of Trollenfeld - aka Shoffer. They become fast friends and eventually...

The Good: Oh the anguish! And it's laugh out loud funny.

The Bad: Ending felt a little rushed, and I wanted to know Lady Beth's reaction to the truth, since she thought herself in love with Mr. North.

Author Website: N/A

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