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One Night to Remember - Erica Ridley

Date Read: Aug 23, 2019

Review: Found this to be really a fun read. Lady Felicity may have grown up in a smithy and learned all there is to know about being a mechanic, but now she's part of the Ton and must marry well, even if she doesn't want to. Giles Langford "The Curricle King" is a God behind the reins of any chariot, sure to win... until he loses his heart to "Felix" aka Lady Felicity.

There's some angsty competitiveness between the two, some suspicion, Felicity’s meddling brother of a Duke - who brings them together initially and of course, a HEA. It starts off with the rivalry and an attraction but slow burn. But the passion builds by the end.

There's a race that Giles must win for the Duke - and Felicity must get the curricle ready to take on any challengers.... who will win? Will Felicity marry Lord Raymore and become a Marchioness? Or will she toss that dream aside and end up with Giles in the smithy?

Series: Wicked Dukes Club #5

Type: Regency

Heat: 7/10

Tropes: Rivals to Lovers, Strong Heroine

Premise: Felicity had picked out a husband at the ball, one that was worthy to be the BIL of a Duke, as well as one that would allow her some leeway in her life and support her charity of helping foundling children. Giles runs the best smithy in London, where he trains the youth so they'll never want. He's not looking for a wife, but one finds him.

The Good:

The Bad:

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