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Her Christmas Rogue - Christi Caldwell

Date Read: Nov 6, 2019

Review: This was a really beautiful love story. The tension/pull between the couple was exquisite and I love that.

Winnie has a naughty habit of hiding behind curtains that gets her into situations, some of which are quite steamy. Trent turns out to be more honorable than everyone in town thought, everyone except Winnie. I really enjoyed how Trent kept trying to do right but couldn't help himself. He'd been battling his feelings for two years.

The main problem with this book is that it was over too soon. I want more. They're adorable and hot together. Very cute epilogue with a tiny twist... or three.

Series: Originally part of A Very Matchmaker Christmas

Type: Regency

Heat: 7/10

Tropes: Best Friend's Sister,


Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother's best friend forever. Lord Trent Ballentine (said best friend) is the most notorious rake of a second son the ton has ever known. With her mother pushing her to marry after two disasterous seasons, how can Winnie follow her heart?

Well, you know she does!

The Good:

The Bad: Too short

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