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Brazen & The Beast - Sarah MacLean

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Date Read: June 17, 2019

Review: I thought Wicked and the Wallflower was my favorite MacLean book, but this one tops it! Immediately, it's a fun ride - literally - when Hattie finds a man bound up in her coach. That won't do, tonight is to be HER NIGHT, the start of the Year of Hattie!

I loved this heroine. She's smart, sassy, powerful and fun. Unfortunately, like most women, she's sidelined - no power of her own event though she's more than capable of running her father's shipping company - it's going to her dimwitted brother. On the shelf, older, plump and with a mouth I admire - she feels invisible to men. Until Beast (aka Whit) sees her when he comes to in her carriage. WOW! Great chemistry between them. Very satisfying read and if I'm honest I cried during most of the second half - Hattie's plight rang true with me.

I am completely in love with Whit. He is perfect. Beautiful, reticent, protective but wanting to do right and oh. my. GAWD he's a secret reader. Yummy! GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! Buy it! Love it!

Series: Bareknuckle Bastards #2

Type: Late Regency

Heat: 8/10

Tropes: Plus Size Heroine, Strong Heroine, Trapped Together

Premise: Hattie has had it with rules, she's going to enjoy herself this year. She's an adult, and she's undervalued at home/work where her father intends to give her idiot brother the Shipping Empire, instead of Hattie, who runs things. She is off to a woman's brothel to choose a man to despoil herself (prventing a marriage). But, as she gets into her carriage she notices a man - a gorgeous, unconscious man - bound up inside. She decides what the hell, and kisses him. He awakens and enjoys it. Beast/Whit is the strong silent type with the face of an angel and a body for sin. He has a knack for seeing into the heart of the matter, and he's also an avid reader. Seriously, perfect hero.

The Good: Cried through half of this book because it rang so true and Hattie got her HEA.

The Bad: None

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