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An Heiress to Remember - Maya Rodale

Date Read: April 10, 2020

Review: This is a fantastic book. It’s a nice look inside the feminist leaders of the Gilded Age. The burn/yearn between hero and heroine is off the charts.

All Wes ever wanted was her, when he could no longer have her, he wanted to become rich and powerful so he would be deemed worthy of her and take Goodwin's Department Store and burn in to the ground getting revenge against her family. He’s accomplished that. Dalton’s is the premiere department store and he’s the third wealthiest man in NYC. He’s about to buy the worthless Goodwin’s from her worthless brother. When Beatrice returns that’s not really what Wes wants. He realizes he still wants only her.

While I got a bit frustrated with her insistence that she didn’t want a relationship and only wanted freedom (why not both?) I really loved his inner monologue. Boy has it bad. I love that. Great HEA at the end.

Series: Gilded Age Girls Club #2

Type: Gilded Age

Heat: 8/10

Tropes: Rivals to Lovers, Second Chance Romance

Premise: Beatrice Goodwin is strong, smart, and knows what she wants (for the most part). It starts off years prior in NYC, she’s a wealthy heiress, Wes Dalton is a poor stock boy at her family’s department store. Young love ends badly, as the heroine is a “good girl” and does what her parents want. She marries a Duke instead of following her heart.

Years latter she returns to NYC, divorced; and scandalized. All she wants is something of her own, her family’s store - that her nitwit brother has run into the ground. But will NYC accept a woman as CEO?

The Good: Wes' inner monologue.

The Bad: Beatrice's insistance that she didn't want to be with him, only wanted independence and freedom wore on me.

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